Sustaining a farming operation for the long term involves more than just excellent agricultural practices. Farming is a business, and financial sustainability is the largest factor in whether any business works, be it big or small. It is the single biggest struggle for most small farmers.

This is why we here at This Old Farm take education so seriously. We hope to lift up both the customers and our farmers, by bringing the customers closer to the food they eat, and thus the farmer who raised it. By doing so, we give the customer a good, healthful product, while helping the farmers maintain financial sustainability, and thus be able to make more ventures into sustainable agriculture.

As we continue to strive towards helping farmers achieve both agricultural and financial sustainability, we hope you understand that YOU are the catalyst behind this movement. Your consumer dollar provides the power on which this movement runs. We appreciate your ongoing support as we move forward in helping our customers connect with the food they eat, and helping our farmers with the customers they need.

Tours and Classes

We feel that the best way for us to get in touch with our food is to see first hand how it is raised and handled. An active interaction between the consumer and the grower is required to ensure a strong, loyal customer relationship. Tours are a wonderful way for you to witness how your food is raised, handled, and processed first hand! For more information on tours, see our print-out here Tours-Education Information

Tours Letter

classes-2For more in depth education, we also offer custom classes! Our classes cover a large variety of areas including, but not necessarily limited to…

  • Canning
  • Making Yogurts, Krauts and other Fermented Products
  • Making Bone Broths
  • Basic Butchering (for beef and/or hogs)
  • Chicken Processing
  • Livestock Anatomy through Harvest
  • Produce A to Z:  Field to Packing Shed

Contact us at 765-324-2161 or email Jessica at to get a quote on pricing and to set up a class tailored just to your needs.

Professionally Trained

kari-underly-headshot.jpgKari Underly – Muscolo Meat Academy
Our butchers have been trained by the best in the industry! (See article for photos.) We are pleased to provide support for Kari Underly and her Muscolo Meat Academy. The art of butchery is nearly a lost trade. Preservation of this skill set is oh so important for maintaining our ability to obtain Good Local Food.