Your Thanksgiving Planner!

I have been cooking whole, natural foods for 13 years now, yet I still need inspiration and help from time to time.  I have found that inspiration through Kerry Anns’ Cooking Traditional Food’s Mailer.  Each week I get an email with the week’s menu.  It couldn’t be easier.  I have been purchasing these mailers in bulk to go along with out meat CSA which provides all the meats needed for the menu planner.  This week Kerry Ann sent out an entire Thanksgiving planner, telling what to do from the start of the week to when you wake up Thanksgiving morning.  It is fantastic.  I will include a copy with every turkey purchase.  Yes, there is still time to get a good turkey!  I walked through Sam’s club this weekend getting some shelving for our freezers and watched the crowds of people picking up Thanksgiving fixings.  I am fortunate to have great food all around me.  No need for the processed junk when you open a cooler and see beautiful, locally raised produce and meats everyday.  Come join me in supporting sustainable agriculture in Indiana through purchase of a turkey raised on the grass by one of our alliance farms.  We have the following choices still available.

Certified Organic Heritage turkeys raised by Reuben Zook.  These were processed just a few weeks ago.  They weigh 9-12 lbs and are $6.25/lb.

Natural pasture raised turkeys raised by Sunny Hollow Farm to be processed Monday.  We will meet your size needs to the best of our ability.


Call (765) 324-2161 so that we can put your name on one that is just right for your family!