You are not alone

10 years ago Erick and Jessica started a journey to seek out a way of life that was socially and environmentally responsible. We were thinking about health and the health of our children. These thoughts led us to produce food sustainably and make that food available to you.

We were not the first. Many of you began the movement during the 70’s energy crisis or before. Others have just been introduced to eating locally. Whether it is a new concept or something you have been doing for a long time you are not alone. Now many are joining the back to the farm or local foods movement. We are glad you are with us in supporting sustainable agriculture.

Like the following article says, we are not trying to feed the world but believe that if individuals like you support local farms, the number of small farms will again increase and the impact will be great. Over time we will see that we can make a difference together. Small farms once fed America and they can do so once again.

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