Yes, we had a great time away!

Many of you have asked how our vacation was.  Thank you, it was wonderful!  We had a great time climbing the dunes and enjoyed cool nights and great campfires.  The kids want to go back when they can enjoy swimming;  I would have never imagined it would be too cold to swim in August.

We also enjoyed our farm and processing facility visit.  We were blessed to be met with great enthusiasm by a fellow sustainable farmer in LaGrange, Greg Gunthorp.  In any business it is nice to see how others are doing things.  In sustainable farming where there are so few of us, I think it is so important to network and learn together.  We left with the comfort of knowing we are doing things well on our farm and going in the right direction at the same time we learned new ideas that we may choose to utilize as well.  Here’s a big thank you to Greg for giving of his time and energy.