Welcome Julia! Julia Welcomes You to This Old Farm.

Welcome Julia!

I first met Julia, when her and her husband Rich came out to the farm looking for information about our alliance of growers.  Rich and Julia live outside of Darlington on a homestead and have chickens and pigs of their own.  Julia often tells of her afternoons filled with putting up produce or fruit, all locally grown of course.  We are blessed to have employees that believe in what we do making it more than just a job.  Julia came to us at the beginning of summer to help with the Eli Lilly Corporate Health and Wellness Initiative.  We have since extended her position to help with invoicing and customer service.  She is a true joy to be around.  Please welcome Julia to the This Old Farm team.  She is making it easier to find locally grown, natural foods.  Call her today at (765) 324-2161 to say hello and welcome her.