Volunteer Opportunity

This coming Saturday we have a great opportunity to join in the support of a young lady living a simple, green lifestyle.  Two summers ago on the farm we built a straw bale cabin with a tire foundation utilizing reclaimed timbers from a local barn.  Aaron Worden was the inspiration for a beautiful, sustainable project.  Aaron has now moved on and left his footprint behind.  Angela Filson has taken up residence in the cabin as our new farm hand.  To make her as comfortable as possible we are planning another work date at the cabin to put some finishing touches on.  We welcome you out to join us while learning about the pluses and minuses of straw bale construction in Indiana.  

When:  Saturday, September 4th

Where:  The Farm  7206 N 950 E  Darlington, IN  47940

Time:  9 AM-5PM or anytime in between

RSVP:  jessica@thisoldfarminc.com