Victory Gardens come to mind as we Celebrate the 4th of July

The 4th of July brings to mind nostalgia for the great country we live in.  From the very beginning, Americans came together to make a great country.  Often times we get frustrated with things we see around us; high unemployment, job loss and increasing energy costs are at the forethoughts of our minds today.  These hardships can make us forget the amazement we could find within our own country.  Times of crisis bring times of change.  America has seen many times of banding together,  times of growth, and times of change.  One example of amazing changes made in response to a crisis can be seen when remembering the Victory Gardens of WW II.  During WW II the call for home grown food was made.  Transportation was difficult and food shortages were prevalent.  In response Americans grew 40% of their food in their backyards.  Now that is a local growing success.  Whether you are growing some of your own or you are dedicated to supporting local growers, think back to the Americans living around WW II and know you too are helping to make a difference in the country we live in!  Buy Local.