Turkey Time!

The leaves are changing, the weather is cool, the kids are dressing up like goblins…………  What does it all mean?  Time for your turkey planning.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  We are taking orders for what has become a family tradition.  Nothing is more important at your holiday meal than the turkey.  We, at This Old Farm make sure we get you just what you are looking for in a holiday turkey.  Our turkeys are raised on pasture being fed only good feed.  Because they come from small farms there is no need for antibiotic usage or other negative feed additives.  Only sunshine, green grass, and good grains make for a full flavored turkey that will surely make everyone come back for more.  Because while I first said it was the turkey that was the most important part of your holiday dinner, we all know that is not true. It is the family and love that surrounds the holiday season.  Give your family the best, call us at (765) 324-2161 to place your order today.  It will be here before you know it!