Tour the Farm?

Our mission is to provide you with the best, healthiest food available.  We want you to know what makes this farm unique.  The best way to truly understand what makes us unique is to tour the farm.  We both know that this takes a commitment on both our parts.  We have to be available and you have to commit time out of your schedule.  Many people get a glimpse when they come to the farm for pick ups but we have found through the years that we will have a customer that comes out to the farm regularly that still hasn’t seen all aspects of the farm.  Knowing how life is, we recognize unless a schedule is set, full tours don’t happen.  By appointment we are available at any time to give you a tour of the farm.  Yet we want to go even further by extending our workshop series to include tour times.  Fridays at the Farm is a series of workshops done on sustainable topics from gardening, raising chickens, to canning and preserving.  Class time is at 10am every Friday during the growing season.  Tour times will follow each class session upon request.  Cost is $15 or $10 with the donation of a good garden implement.  To RSVP contact Jessica.  We look forward to seeing you at the farm!