Time to Celebrate 3 Years With the This Old Farm Family of Farms!

On November 13th, 2009 we opened our doors to an expanded business outside of Colfax, Indiana. While we had been working to make our own farm fresh foods available to a limited number of people for several years we had a vision of more. We knew that alone we could not make it easier to access naturally grown meats and produce but if we grabbed the hands of our fellow farmers we could see change in the way that the Midwest saw food. You see, we knew the story of food. We knew the average meal traveled 1500 miles to your plate. We knew that we as American farmers were losing our access to processing options across the country. Some farmers have to travel over 400 miles to the nearest processor as 5% of the processing businesses close their doors each year. On December 27th, 2010 our processing business almost became one of the 5% of processing businesses that close their doors each year as we experienced a catastrophic fire that burned our building to the ground. With the support of a community and great employees we were able to come back from the ashes and reopen in just 6 months with a brand new facility. The facility reopened June 6th, 2011. After one full year of operation in our new facility and 3 years of operation growing a local foods system, This Old Farm would like to extend a sincere thanks to those supporters by opening our doors to you, that supporter. Please come join us for fellowship with others that believe in a our mission as follows:

This Old Farm’s mission is to support the family farm by offering full scale services from processing to marketing and distribution of locally raised, healthful meat, produce, and value added food. We believe sustainable agriculture needs to take into account both the environment and the true cost of production supporting both the farmer while offering value for the customer.

Please join us to celebrate this mission on Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at our new facility.

Where: 9572 West County Road 650 South
Colfax, IN 46035
When: Saturday November 17th, 2012 12-3pm

A local fare of good food and fellowship will feature many of our alliance farms. Have you hugged your farmer today?

Written by Jessica Smith