This Old Farm Hiring Again!

For those of you who are already settled in with a job, I’m sure you must find this rush of job postings to your email address at least mildly annoying. We understand however, that the fastest way to spread something is by word of mouth (which in today’s world I’m sure we can all agree has been extended to include social media as well). We’re growing quickly, and hope to add as many new employees to the company as we can.

This Old Farm, Inc is looking for honest, dependable, and hard-working individuals to join the team. This Old Farm is located outside of Colfax, IN between Indianapolis and Lafayette. We are a small produce aggregation facility as well as a USDA inspected meat processing plant. Product is distributed and sold through retail and wholesale markets.

Our mission is to bring healthful, local food to Indiana by sustaining, nurturing, and prospering the family farm through cooperative distribution of local, environmentally conscience foods at a cost that both supports the farmer while representing the true cost and value for the customer.

Skill consideration will be based upon both skill level and attitude. The desire to be part of the team and learn often outweighs the need for immediate proficiency.

We’re looking to fill two positions at the moment. The first is a Livestock Harvest Floor worker. This individual ill help attend to a piece of our business that we consider to be extremely important, our traceability. Owning our own livestock harvest floor is essential to ensuring we know who gets what product.

The second position we are looking for is an experienced Book Keeper or Accountant. Depending on their experience and skill set they could preform many activities up to but not limited to assisting with all aspects of financial management, including corporate accounting, financial reporting, budget and forecasts preparation, payroll, managing the computer network, managing developer for ecommerce, as well as development of internal control policies and procedures.

For a Livestock Harvest Floor Worker you should be…

  • able to work comfortably and patiently with livestock. Livestock do not always cooperate as desired, so patience is key to ensuring a stress free environment for them.
  • able to perform strenuous physical labor for extended periods of time.
  • able to take criticism and cooperate productively with USDA inspectors.
  • attentive to detail, and be able to notice oddities in livestock and paperwork.
  • able to and be comfortable with utilizing a firearm.
  • previous experience in skinning an animal (whether it be deer on a hunting trip or actual livestock) is highly recommended.
  • willing to continue to learn and help with other areas of the company. We’re a small business, so people often wear many hats.

For an Accountant / Bookkeeper you should…

  • have a thorough knowledge of general book keeping and accounting principals.
  • have some experience creating general financial statements.
  • have experience with general ledger functions including month and year end close processes.
  • have knowledge of computer networks (expert knowledge is not required, but general knowledge is highly appreciated).
  • have knowledge of ecommerce (expert knowledge is not required, but general knowledge is highly appreciated).
  • familiarity with Quickbooks is preferred but not required.
  • be willing and able to attend to customers with a positive attitude on occasion.
  • a passion and general knowledge of local agriculture and the good food movement is greatly appreciated.
  • be willing and able to continue learning and helping in many areas throughout the company. We’re a small business, so people often wear many hats.

If you, or someone you know looks like either of these positions would be right for them, send a resume to!