There’s a Lake in our Pasture

The mountains of snow that occupied our fields only a few days ago have been replaced with miniature lakes! This part of the year is always an interesting one on the farm. As spring quickly approaches, the weather can never seem to decide whether it is the end of winter, or the beginning of spring. Thus, spring is often ushered in with a vicious alternation between mud, and frozen mud, neither of which do much in the way of increasing the visual appeal of the land.

In better news however, the bitter cold of this winter is slowly retreating, we’re still lambing, and the lambs born earlier this winter are getting quite rambunctious! Upon checking for new lambs we are now greeted by some more comical sights, including but not limited to lambs on top of their mothers, lambs on top of other lambs, lambs on top of the feeder or any other object, living or inanimate, that they can get on top of. We are certainly excited to be able t0 get them out into the pasture as the snow melts and the water retreats here in the next couple weeks.

All in all, we are all anxious for the quickly approaching spring, as are our lambs! Though our farm may be a muddy mess right now, in just a few more weeks it should be drying up, the grass will be sprouting, and we’ll be getting baby chicks on the farm. This time of year, when we have all sorts of new life and the woods are just starting to sprout all the wonderful plant life again is the perfect time to visit the farm. Check out our new tour page here, and see  if you can get a group together to visit the farm in early spring, when we’ll have chicks in the brooder and young rambunctious lambs in the pasture!