The Windy City Folk Came to Visit the Farm!

Last Tuesday, Dave Rand and Emily Leidenfrost, braved the subzero temperatures to leave the warmth of their Chicago office and spend the morning tagging and castrating lambs at This Old Farm with Joe Cardinal, This Old Farm’s Distribution Manager and personal Farmer.  Their visit was part of an effort to really get in touch with the products they market for us.  After spending some time at our own farm operation, we all enjoyed a meal prepared by Angela Jolly, This Old Farm’s Account Specialist, along side the entire This Old Farm team of 20 employees.  During lunch, one of our pastured hog producers joined us to ask questions about the growing Chicago Marketplace for Good Food.  Dave and Emily left our place to visit with Hoosier Grassfed beef, our supplier of 100% grass fed beef.  Each week they deliver between 4 and 8 finished cattle to our processing facility.  Rural Indiana is growing food to feed the demands of Chicago’s people.  We are thankful to have Chicago Local Foods as our Chicago distributor of Good Food.  Take the time to read here about Chicago Local Food’s good work!