The Little Piggy went to Market!

On Saturday May 19th we hosted our first event on the new addition to the property! It gave us an opportunity to show case the many new developments we’ve made here at This Old Farm, share knowledge of whole animal butchery, enjoy an excellent meal, be outside on a beautiful day, and raise over $1000 for Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry to provide good food for families who would find it hard to obtain otherwise.

The day definitely tested the abilities of our team, but it seems we succeeded in all our goals. It was a hectic day, but quite worth it to see the enjoyment of our guests. It also showed us how incredibly generous many of our farmers and artisans are. Their willingness to donate product allowed us to conduct raffles and silent auctions, and Jeff Blacker’s donation of a whole hog helped provide us with the main course of an excellent meal. We owe thanks to so many people for making the day as good as it was!

Now that we have this successful event under our belts, we look forward to many more in the future. As we continue to grow and develop, we hope to find more ways to make an afternoon at This Old Farm as fun as The Little Piggy going to Market!

Our guests relax after enjoying an excellent local meal.

The kids enjoy a game of Tug-of-War

Our new fresh meat counter debuted on Saturday May 19th!

We’d like to thank…
Jeff Blacker for his donation of a hog used for the main course;
Vino De Milo and JB Sauces for their donation of a gift box for the silent auction;
Scholars Inn Bake House for their donation of granola for the raffle:
DoubleBar-G for their donation of a gift box for the silent auction;
John Denny for his donation of summer sausage for the raffle;
Taco Eez for their donation of product towards our raffle;
Historic BBQ for their donation of product for the silent auction;
Local Folks Foods for their donation of product for the raffle;
Big Brick House Bakery for providing excellent samples of pasta salad;
Wicks Pies for their donation of pie to our silent auction;
And all our guests for attending and having a great time!

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