The Christmas Table.

Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas traditions are oh so different from family to family.  Some do the traditional turkey, while many do ham but I have come to enjoy hearing the variation to what becomes a unique tradition for each individual family.  Whether you are looking for a new tradition or a family favorite we love to be a part of your holiday celebration.  Enjoy anyone of the following suggestions or call us to request your favorite…………….

  • Beef Tenderloin-This week we cut our traditional beef, that is pasture raised but corn finished for the most tender meat possible. We saved plenty of whole tenderloins which make for the highest class Christmas dinner possible at just $22/lb.
  • 100% Grass-fed Standing Prime Rib Roast-Who needs a five star restaurant when you can bring it to your table at home.  Our prime rib roasts are easy to slow cook.  Just remember to leave them nice and pink on the inside for a meal that won’t be forgotten. $14.99/lb
  • Lamb-We have Leg of Lamb, Rack of Lamb, and Lamb chops all from our 100% grass-fed Katahdin Lamb.  These are raised for their mild flavor just right for the table that wants something different but not overly strong.  $10.50-$26/lb
  • Organic Grain Fed but ranged Turkeys-We still have the not so standard turkey available.  These beautiful turkeys are just around 22lbs with plenty of light and dark meat.  You can’t go wrong here.  $5.40/lb
  • All Natural Hams cut to order-We hand cure our hams with a sea salt based cure without added nitrates or nitrites.  By itself it is not overly sweet so for those that like a sugar ham we pair it with our house apple butter or local honey as a glaze to add at cooking for the perfect combination of salt and sugar.  A whole ham is close to 20 lbs so we cut those to order with just the right size for your gathering.  $7/lb
  • Smoked Chickens-A new holiday favorite of our customers.  Perhaps your gathering is too small for a large turkey?  These pasture raised chickens have been seasoned and smoked so to make the easiest possible meal with most of your time spent with your family.  Just reheat and serve.  $5/lb

It doesn’t stop there, whether you are looking for the center piece or a special side dish or appetizer we can help.  Hot out of the smoke house on Monday will be our certified organic summer sausage made with lean certified organic beef and pork for a taste unlike any other you can find.  Come see us soon or call (765) 324-2161.

$10 gift card free with every $100 purchase;  $10 gift card free with every $100 purchase