Thanksgiving Doesn’t Mean Turkey for Everyone!

What a gorgeous weekend. I got to watch our pasture raised pigs romp and play in the grass. The leaves were all around. Just like kids they make a mess whenever possible. Today they were playing tug of war with a tarp that they pulled off a piece of equipment. While these guys are still with us, the batch that we raised before them are now ready to enjoy for Thanksgiving dinner in the form of an all natural ham. Here at This Old Farm, we utilize sea salt and celery juice powder for an old fashioned cure without added nitrites and nitrates. The USDA calls it uncured. We call it plain old good for you. Our Thanksgiving hams will be available fresh anytime after Friday and can be preordered to any size. They are coming from our own This Old Farm hogs fed outside on green grass on certified organic grains. We are offering a special holiday price of $7/lb. Call today to place your order at (765) 324-2161! Nothing could be easier. Just reheat and serve.