Thank You For Your Offer To Help!

Hello This Old Farm Customers and Friends,

We want to take a moment to thank you all for your prayers and support.  It has been comforting to hear the concern and understanding in the voices of those who have contacted us in regards to the loss from the fire.  We are working on finding a facility to have a temporary partner relationship with while we rebuild our processing facility.  As we explore this option, we ask that you continue to be patient while we take the time needed to pursue a new plan. 

Many kind-hearted people have offered to help in any way they can.  Thank you so much for that generous offer.  This Old Farm was insured at the time of the fire.  However, the funds provided will not cover the cost to rebuild the facility.  We thought it would be helpful to us and to you to provide a list of ways you are able to help. 

Our “Wish List” is as follows:

  • Prayers
  • Financial contribution of any amount (proceeds to rebuild the facility)
  • Equipment storage while we rebuild
  • Volunteers for clean-up crew or anyone with professional experience
  • Ideas to help our efforts
  • Pledges for restoration and supplies
  • Meat processing equipment and stainless steel tables
  • Office equipment (nearly new computers, executive desks, phone systems, folding chairs and tables)

 Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers and patience.  You are very important to us.  We look forward to providing healthy foods to the community in the New Year!


The This Old Farm Team

9572 W Co Rd 650 S

Colfax, IN  46035