Happy Father’s Day! Think Dad, Think Steak! 10% off to make it extra special!

As I’ve been working in the office more recently, I’ve taken a fancy to cooking steak for me and my fellow office jockeys at lunch. We don’t have a grill (yet) so I’ve been trying a few different ways to pan fry our abundance of test New York Strips, and have had some success (and some “not so” success). Being a man, and not wanting to admit to anything done wrong, I’ll take some time to tell of my successes, (and perhaps influence you to come try out some of our locally raised steaks, currently at a 10% discount!).

·         Butter and Maple Syrup: Instead of using oil on the pan, I used butter. In addition, I drizzled some maple syrup over the top (talk about comfort food!). It made a wonderful meal for anybody who likes sweet meats.

·         Lime Juice, Cooking Wine, and Soy Sauce: I did not use any lard or oil to lubricate the pan. I covered the bottom of the pan with roughly 2 parts white cooking wine and 1 part soy sauce, and then added a dash of lime juice. The result was a pleasantly salty steak with a bit of “zing” to it.

·         Cooking Wine, Butter, and Chef T’s Lemon Herb Seasoning: The combination of cooking wine and butter made the meat wonderfully tender, and again it had a little zing.

Among the better things about working at This Old Farm are the test meats, and I’ve certainly had a lot of fun. Come by and check out our locally raised steaks at 10% off, and maybe make some delicious discoveries of your own! 

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