Standing Out in Your Field – Marketing for Farmers!!!!

We are so thrilled at the positive response we’ve received for our Stand Out in Your Field program. In just a few weeks we’ve received over 50 applications from farmers who want help with their marketing efforts! Through the process we’ve also been honored to read about the incredible stories behind these farms and once again, we’re humbled to be working for such an inspiring group of individuals.

We aren’t done yet! Please forward this email to farmers and beekeepers who you think might be interested in free farm logo design services and/or a farm marketing video. The deadline is March 20. Folks can apply here and/or subscribe to get marketing tips here.

The response from farmers seeking these services has been so tremendously positive that we’ve decided to aim higher and we need your help. Our marketing grant provides funds to create new logos for 40 farms and create 10 marketing videos. If we can raise funds to supplement the grant, we can offer these services to more farmers.

Please help us widen our reach by donating to the Stand Out program!

“I have prayed for so long for someone to help me with these things that take more knowledge and money than we have. May you be blessed for all your efforts.” – Aliza in Fox, Arkansas

“Thank you for this opportunity. It takes a village to raise a local business.” – Jessika in Long Beach, Washington

“I got some great ideas from filling out this application, so for that I thank you!” – Monique in Middleburg, Pennsylvania

We’re also looking for graphic designers who might be interested in creating the logos for the lucky winners! Graphic designers who would enjoy working for farmers should get in touch with us here.
Please consider donating to this effort. Farmers want to be out in their fields, doing what they do best. Help us facilitate their marketing so they can build thriving farm businesses!

Alice Varon
Executive Director
Certified Naturally Grown

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