The first snow is falling, and it’s beautiful! I enjoy cool weather, and if it didn’t make everyday tasks far longer than usual, I would love the snow even more. Be that as it may, when I got to the processing plant early this morning so that I could shovel snow, I found that I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

The winter season is a great time for a number of reasons. The holidays are quickly approaching, accompanied by uplifting Christmas music. Christmas shopping is in full swing, and hot chocolate is about to become a common staple in the house (though I personally prefer coffee).

This beautiful snow is just the icing on the cake, creating beautiful scenery to accompany the joyous holiday atmosphere. It can be a pain while driving on the roads (though actually rather fun in an open field), but it really does make for some pretty sights. I hope you all find time to enjoy the snow sometime in the next several days, I certainly plan on it (watching it with a cup of coffee in one hand, and a handful of cards in the other)!

Conner Smith