Rick’s Recipe with 10% off pork chops

Our butchers and staff at This Old Farm are an excellent resource for recipes using our select meat cuts, value added items and the special local artisan products that we carry in our retail store front. This week Rick Wat, our Order Fulfillment Specialist, is sharing one of the recipes that he developed at home using our meats cooked in a delicious locally-sourced Sunflower Oil from Healthy Hoosier Oil.

Rick says that the meat he cooks with this Sunflower Oil tastes superior to any other oil he has cooked with. Healthy Hoosier Oils are extremely versatile. They can be used to saute’, grill, season, and bake. A healthier alternative to other oils. Their oils are premium virgin oils. They will do everything an extra virgin olive oil will do and more. Besides they are grown, pressed, bottled all right here in Central Indiana. Even better, there is no waste; after the oil has been pressed, the sunflower hulls are fed to the pigs at Hunt Family Farm, one of our Indiana Grown alliance members! So come in today and get 10% off Hunt Family Farm’s porkchops and get a bottle of Healthy Hoosier Sunflower Oil and cook it up using Rick’s recipe. We will share Rick’s other recipes in future newsletters.

Bourbon and Onion Pork Chops

Sunflower Oil
Celery Salt 1/2 tbsp.
Granulated Onion 1 tbsp.
Granulated Garlic 1 tbsp.
Bourbon 2 oz.
Fresh whole onion 1
Pork Chops 4

Lightly brush Sunflower Oil on the chops.Put the chops in a bowl with a lid and add the Celery salt Granulated Onion And Granulated Garlic. Pour in one oz. Bourbon. Cover bowl and shake gently to evenly coat the chops. Pour 1 oz. Bourbon into skillet and heat to med high heat. When Bourbon begins to sizzle put chops in and cook one side till golden brown. Flip chops and add the fresh onion sliced up to the skillet and finish the chops till golden brown. Serve with onion laid on top of chops.


  1. Shirlene Elliott

    Sounds amazing. Rick has been coming up with recipes ever since he was a very young child. He understood how to put different flavors together at a very early age. He would come up with things that I thought would never go together. And I was surprised when they did.

    1. Rick Watt

      Thanks Mom. I have always loved good food and loved creating it. I enjoy the smiles on peoples faces when they are enjoying something I created.


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