Recovering Vegetarian? We are too!

Ferdinand Getting Scratches

Those of you who know This Old Farm likely know Stacy. Stacy has been with us for almost 3 years. For that we are blessed! She is the voice behind the phone and the face behind good customer service. She believes in us enough to drive everyday into rural America from the big city so she can work to make a difference for both our local farms as well as our customers seeking good food choices.  I so often tell Stacy’s story as it is meaningful in the world of confusing food choices. Now I am pleased to tell you that Stacy has told part of her story on a This Old Farm web page titled Recovering Vegetarians.  Check back for special discounts for  “Recovering Vegetarians”.

Thank you, Stacy, for your work to make a difference in the world of Sustainable Agriculture.  You are important to me and the rest of our Good Food Community!

Your Boss,

Jessica Smith  Recovering Vegetarian, This Old Farm Farm to Market Coordinator