Purchasing in Bulk

For years, the only way we sold meat was in bulk.  It is still a favorite way to sell good meat.  Here is my top seven reasons to purchase in bulk:

1.  It gives the customer the most variety and choice.

2.  The best way to ensure that you are eating natural, minimally processed foods is to have them in the freezer.

3.  It makes dinner time convenient (Ok, you do have to remember to thaw some things.)

4.  You are supporting our local economy.

5.  You get to have a name behind your meals.  You know who both raised and processed your food.

6.  You get to know how your food was raised and processed.

7.  It saves you money!

This week we will process our first retail pork under federal inspection.  We are running a special on halve or whole hogs purchased on Monday or Tuesday.


We have two choices available.  We have our pasture raised hogs that were raised outside with plenty of greens in there diet.  These hogs were raised by Derrick Cameron.  We also have plenty of Amish raised traditional pork available.  This pork was raised inside on deep bedding by a small family farmer named Joe King.

The Traditional pork is just $2.37/lb hanging weight for a whole hog (approximately 170 lbs).  That is an extra 10% off of the normal price.  A half can be purchased for $2.43/lb hanging weight.  This breaks down to just $1.68 for the meat and roughly $.75/lb for the processing depending on what items you choose.  You can’t beat that price!

Pastured pork is also at a great price this week.  It is just $2.52/lb for a whole or $2.66/lb for a half.  That is a savings of 17% from your typical savings when purchasing in bulk.

Now is the time to get a half or whole hog for your freezer.  Just mention this newsletter on Monday or Tuesday and we will get your order set up for pick up this week.

You can expect the following from a half hog (other options are available):

12 pork chops, spare ribs, 3 shoulder roasts great for barbecue, 9 packs of our house bacon cured without added nitrites or nitrates, 18 lbs of ham, ham hock, and 10 lbs of your choice of sausage.

Save up to 17% off the lowest price you can get by purchasing in bulk now!  Call (765) 324-2161