Puppies, free with any purchase!

Everything on our farm has a purpose.  It is something I have to remind my kids of (and myself sometimes).  This is especially hard when you have 9 puppies running to greet you in the morning on your way out the door.  You see, the job of livestock guardian has been filled by their mother.  The job of Shepard has been filled by Rowdie, our beloved Australian Shepard, and the job of master pig herder has been filled by Max, my son’s dog.  If you counted, that is three dogs making no room for any others.  The puppies are one of the many blessings of farm life.  We would not trade the time of love, hugs, and laughter that we experience with a new batch of pups.  Now it is time to share that love with you.  Call us for your pup today!  They were born on July 29th to Honey, our Anatolian Shepard (and Max our wonderful shepard/lab mix pig herder).  Both dogs are nicely docile and very friendly.  I won’t tell you which puppy is my favorite just in case she stays with us a little longer.  Email jessica@thisoldfarminc.com for more info.