Providing Natural Foods for Your Family Does Not Have to Break the Bank!

Having a family of 5 children gives me full understanding of the amount of resources needed to feed a family.  Usually it boils down to financial resources, though time is another signifacant  resource.  The cost of our food is higher than average yet we can show you how to make sustainable foods not take over your family budget.  When buying sustainable foods, you are paying for what it really costs to raise those products.  You are paying for the steps we take to make sure the environment is not harmed.  You are paying for the added management needed to ensure we can produce without the use of routine antibiotics.  You are paying enough to make farming a viable career option for Americans to ensure a food supply into the future.  Through voting for sustainable farming, you are making a decision that healthy food is a necessity for you.  Food, water, and shelter are the three necessities to life and should carry the most significant level of importance in our budgets.  That being said, there are many ways to cut down on the cost of feeding your family while supporting sustainable farm operations, like ours.  I am always happy to help you work through the learning curve it may take.  To start the process, learn to buy in bulk.  It takes a lot less marketing time for us, when you purchase a whole or half and we can pass that savings on to you.  Next, learn how to use all of the meat options.  For example, so much of the mineral and vitamin content from a whole chicken is locked inside the bone stock.  By making broth which is actually very easy and does not take long, you are utilizing the whole animal (chicken in this example) cutting down on your food bill while getting the vital nutrients we need for good health.  I once read a study that you could feed your family 100 % organic foods for less than a traditional American Diet today consisting mostly of processed foods.  It was very reasurring.  When you have questions, let me help you learn to cook our products.  We have made this our mission in life and love to talk through how to make it a part of your life.

To help you get started we have a few remaining half or whole pig options.  A half a pig fed organic grains and processed with our new natural options is just roughly 80 lbs of meat at $3.15/lb.  It makes a great Christmas present. 

We also still have bulk 100% grassfed beef options.  A quarter side of our beef yields around 80 lbs of beef at $3.50/lb plus processing.  You get a variety of cuts form Tbone steaks to good lean ground beef.

A half of our 100% grassfed lamb is just 20 lbs of meat at $5.50/lb plus processing, yielding a very reasonably priced lamb.  We still have availability of this wonderfully mild lamb. 

Our freezers still hold the bounty of the pastured poulty season.  Our natural whole chickens are priced at $3.50/lb.  Let us help your family eat well through the winter season.  We appreciate your support and your calls about holiday gifts.  We love being a part of your holiday season.