Pink Gloves

Ferdinand Getting ScratchesI bought Stacy a pair of pink gloves this week. I had a big cheesy smile on my face when I went up to the cashier to purchase them, and she gave me an interesting look, but nonetheless I walked out of the store proudly carrying pink gloves. As our business grows, more and more people spend time in the freezer, which means more and more people “borrow” Stacy’s gloves due to the fact they can’t find their own (we’re all men, what do you expect?).  Stacy has been a valuable employee since she started. She’s done a fantastic job in customer service (you can’t not like her), and an excellent job in teaching me the art of order packing, as well as showing me how to go that extra mile in ensuring that somebody is happy. She’s been a wonderful teacher and fellow employee.  I thought gloves that none of us men would dare be caught wearing was the least I could do.

I’ve written about it before, and I’ll probably write about it many more times, but these small moments and services are just some of the wonderful things about growing up in a family business.  Dairy Queen Dilly Bars (a near sin in the health foods market, but still a treat), were brought to the office today by Angela, our newest voice behind the phone.  As we were all eating our Dilly Bars and making general conversation a comment was made with regards to when I had long hair and it made me think “wow, I’ve really known these people a while”.  Yes, it’s incredibly painful being brought up in a business environment sometimes, but being able to say that the work place is honestly one of the places I’m most comfortable is a wonderful thing.

So with a long week coming to a close, I’d like to thank all the mentors I have here.  I’m thankful for everything every one of you has taught me, and truly appreciate your patience as I learn.  Yes, I do often wonder how my parents could possibly be crazy enough to start a business, and how unfair it is to make me grow up in a business environment, but on days like today, when I give Stacy her pink gloves, or listen intently as people coach me through a phone call, I realize how incredibly lucky I am.  

Written by Conner E. Smith