Pastured Pork-Ready For You!


Now doesn’t that look like fun!  If you are a pig or a two year old, there is nothing better than a mud hole.  Both are creative enough to find ways to create their own.  Our pastured pork gets to live out life in the best way, just as they were created to do.  It is easy for us that believe in sustainable ag to down the “other side” of the fence, the large cooperate farms, without thinking into the whys.  Once you farm, you understand both sides.  We that believe in sustainable agriculture must spend extra time in thinking about how to use each species to the best of its ability.  The pig is a perfect example of this.  In industry they are raised in confinement on concrete with low levels of antibiotics to prevent illness as would be needed for us if we were with 12,000 other humans in an enclosed space.  It is the least expensive way to raise out pork to further answer Americas call for cheap food.  The concrete prevents them from being able to root the ground as they so love to do.  The confinement barns allow for a maximization of the number of animals per square foot and ease of handling.  No mud puddles or good greens to root up.  The alternative is the way we farm.  Diversified farming with low levels of many species that all work together.  Because we don’t have great numbers, because they are out to enjoy the good clean air, we have no need for antibiotics.  Pigs are an omnivore just like us and need variety in their diet.  They get this by being able to root up the ground eating the insects and roots and greens as they go.  On the farm they get the leftover garden goods and soured milk to give complexity to their diet along with the organically raised grains.  You are what you eat!  We would not be very healthy on a diet of meat and potatoes or corn and soybeans alone.   Neither would they.  We do have to be creative to use them in ways that they can utilize their talents best.  On the farm we use them to turn over new ground for future garden space.  They can work faster than a tiller if the ground is wet.  We use them to turn over compost after the layers have been through the winter housing.  We use them to prepare pastures for new seeding.  All of this takes great management and would not be possible with numbers in the thousands.  Yet it results in the cleanest, most nutritious,and great tasting pork available.  Pork you don’t have to worry about eating.  When people approach me that are new to thinking about what they eat, I always suggest changing the type  of pork first.  If you ever wonder why, just ask.  There is still time for you to order 1/2 or a whole pastured hog at just $3.15/lb plus processing.  Yes, it is more expensive than what can be grown by the industry but rest assured the meat you feed your family is the best you can find from a source you trust.  Support sustainable ag and help the pigs create their mud holes.  It is just too much fun!

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