Due to poor weather, the Niche Meats and Pork Meeting has been rescheduled. The dates for the three opportunities for you to visit our facilities and become acquainted with the many services that This Old Farm provides are as follows. While these farmer meetings are done at no cost we also offer consulting on similar […]

Greetings New and Returning Livestock Farmers! With 2019 here it’s time to send in RSVP’s for our 2019 farmer meetings. Our winter/spring meetings give us an opportunity to reach out with information we have learned through the years as well as provide relevant industry information and the opportunity to gather with other farmers and learn […]

When you purchase a pound of ground beef from the grocery store, what costs are included in the price? The cost of feed is certainly included, as well as the labor involved in tending to and butchering the animal, the cost of maintaining the land and equipment used, the cost of shipping the product, and […]

Most people have a doctor and a dentist they know by name. Some even have an accountant, lawyer, or therapist. Not some, but everyone, has a farmer. Who’s your farmer? If you know your farmer, now through December 27th check out our retail store and let us know who they are and we’ll give you […]

If you’ve purchased local beef from our retail store here at This Old Farm, it was likely raised by Ed Newby near the border of Clinton and Boone Counties just a few miles south of our Processing Facility. Ed Newby has been a great help to This Old Farm for the last several years, providing […]

We strive for producing the most sustainable product here at This Old Farm. But it’s up to you, our customers, to ensure our product is used sustainably in your home. Some of the most major steps towards sustainability are simply reducing waste by using everything you buy to its fullest extent. This shows respect for […]

Growing up on the farm, a pack of dogs was always a part of life. At night, they’d patrol the property chasing off predators which threaten our chickens or sheep. After many years, the dogs bore several scars on their muzzles from these nightly encounters. Some of our dogs even had an instinct for herding, […]

We have fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, courtesy of John Mark Stoltzfus! John Mark Stoltzfus is one of our first Farmer Alliance members whose Amish family farm is located in Hagerstown, Indiana, 30 miles from the Ohio border. Over the years he has done an excellent job raising turkeys on pasture for our retail […]

Greetings New and Returning Livestock Farmers! As the year comes towards the end, it is an opportunity to look back as well as forward. I am thankful to have had many successes this year as well as those hard learning moments. Those learning moments always come with a cost and it is with this in […]

Snow may be upon us in the near future, which means it’s time to put away the summer clothes and bundle up! Now through November 15th (or while supplies last), place an order for a turkey in our retail store and get a This Old Farm hoodie free of charge. While you’re here, check out […]