New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year everybody! This Old Farm looks forward to a wonderful new year. We hope to grow so that we may better tend to the desires of our customers and the needs of our employees, the same thing all small businesses are attempting to achieve. Small businesses  are an integral part of our everyday life. They work hard for us, so it only seems fair that we make an effort to help them too. Below are some suggestions that many local small businesses would appreciate.

EAT LOCAL: Here at This Old Farm, we believe that the single “greenest”, most environmentally sustainable thing you can do is eat local food. It cuts down on carbon emissions from shipping and guarantees the freshest, most nutrient dense products.

FILL YOUR FREEZER: Buying in bulk is the most financially efficient way to move product both for the producer and the customer. Buying a quarter beef, or a half a hog, gives the consumer access to wonderful discounts, and gives the producer the ability to move a lot of product at once, cutting storage costs.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS: It doesn’t have to be just food! Whether it be us, your local farmer, your local restaurant, or a small shop, it is important to support your local business. Buying local helps to keep money in your local economy, rather than sending it off elsewhere. In addition, money that does not travel great distances has a greater rate of exchange, allowing the same dollar to do more work in less time, benefiting the community, and eventually you!

We are very thankful for you, our customer, and your loyalty. We appreciate everyone who walks through our doors as they help support us and others involved in local agriculture. We hope you all have a wonderful year.  Thank your for your continued service and support in 2014!

(Hah!  We didn’t even talk about eating better or losing weight because we know all of our customers are already working to eat Good Food.)