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I am excited to become a part of This Old Farm’s team! My name is Susan Belt. I live in Colfax only 5 minutes away and have been buying all of my meat here since This Old Farm bought the processing facility in 2009. Before that my family helped the Smith family process chickens, so we could fill our freezer with 25-30 chickens; giving us 2 chickens a week until the next time chickens were harvested. My family moved to the area in 2006, where I soon met Jessica and our shared love of natural foods resulted in a joint purchase of a milk cow. Jessica boarded the cow and we shared the milking responsibilities. I brought my children over to the farm 2-3 early mornings a week and my 6 year old daughter Summer and I went to the barn and milked the cow. That was the beginning of my hands on experience with farming and quickly led to the purchase of dairy goats. My family loves drinking our own raw milk and now we have 11 dairy goats, enabling me to make cheese and yogurt weekly. It is important to my family to eat natural foods and to know where my meat comes from, so that is why we are committed to buying our meat nowhere else but This Old Farm. I stop by here at least once a week to pick something up for special dinners that my children like to cook.

Today is my first day working at this Old Farm as Human Resources and Hospitality Coordinator. My Bachelors Degree is in education and Masters Degree is in Outdoor Resource Management. I have been home managing my goat ranch and raising and teaching my children for the past 15 years. I am new to This Old Farm’s team, but already feel at home because I know the place so well. I am dedicated to maintaining a positive work environment for staff and building in a sampling program to highlight farmer’s meat produced by This Old Farm employees. I am always so pleased with the taste of the meat and value added products that I buy here and I look forward to coordinating with staff to provide samples of these delicious products as you wait for your orders to be processed.

I’ll be working 3 afternoons a week and writing the newsletter to promote specials, share current natural food related articles and highlight what’s happening at This Old Farm. I’d love to meet you on your next trip to Colfax!

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  1. Barb Darnell

    Congratulations, Susan. Happy to know you are working with This Old FArm. – Barb


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