New Sheep Birthing Barn is the Latest Addition to This Old Farm’s Homestead

IMG_4048For our newer readers who may not know, This Old Farm is more than a meat processing facility. There really IS a farm associated with our business, sitting on 80+ acres along Sugar Creek about five miles from here. One of the things we raise there is Katahdin sheep, which produce lambs known for their superbly tasty meat.

While sheep moms, (ewes) can and do give birth to their lambs outdoors, often even in snow, both moms and newborns do better when they’re in a warm, enclosed space out of the wind. No surprise there, right?

This weekend, the finishing touches were put on a hoophouse-type structure with sturdy wooden sides and a plastic cover that will serve as the new lambing barn. Participating in the fun were several employees and even a couple of Jessica’s kids. The new structure can accommodate 25 ewe pens. Each ewe will have 1 or 2 lambs at a time.


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