New Places to find Our Product!!

When starting a family business every family member contributes.  After the passion and idea, the first thing any business needs is capitol.  All investment gurus tell you the same thing.  Approach friends and family first.  How uncomfortable is that!  Yet we were just like the other fledgling American Small Businesses, we searched through family resources.  Then we stared long and hard at the college fund that was in our son’s name.  Evan was just 8 when we told him he was buying a delivery truck with his college money.    We sat him down to look at that part of the business.  We figured out with him that his return on investment would not begin until the truck was on the road atleast 4 days a week delivering Good Food, meat and produce.  He spent those first few years asking how long it was going to take us to grow and have it on the road at least 4 days.  We kept working.  Our delivery truck is now running every day of the week! The last time I looked at our “locations to find our product” page, it was a short list to which we supplied those storefronts in a couple deliveries a week. When I looked at it today, I was hit by how quickly we’ve grown in such a short period of time. Our product is now offered in nearly twenty five locations including distribution centers, restaurants, and retail outlets. It’s incredible to watch this business grow up. I remember when it was a small, backyard chicken processing operation, now we’re sending Good Food out to many!

For a nearly complete list of where you can find our product (excluding our most recent addition of Nature’s Pharm in Greenwood), click here.

Without you, the enjoyer of Good Food nothing is possible.  Eat, Enjoy, Be Merry.  Know you support not only Evan and his truck but also over 50 other Indiana Farms.