New from the Farm!

pigs-on-grassWe have been stocking our freezers with fantastic local meat.  Our chickens our coming in off of the pasture’s of Amish farms this year.  On Monday we will be processing 700 chickens, some organic some natural but all pasture raised.  Because we had so many growers wanting to raise poultry this year and we were able to get them started doing it just like we had, we were able to concentrate our own farm on some of the things that were hard for us to find.

We have been purchasing certified organic shoats from a local farmer and raising them outside for some fantastic pasture raised pork fed certified organic grains.  They get to spend their time with us enjoying the things pigs enjoy.  Rooting up the ground, taking care of the garden scraps, and making large mud puddles to name a few.  This afternoon, my children jumped on the trampoline with my brother as one group of pigs watched through the fence.  Yes, pigs right outside the back yard and they don’t even smell.  After all the fun, they come in and fill the freezer with nutrient dense, guiltless pork.  Give us a call to get in your order.  We are processing pastured pork on Tuesday.

Our 100% grass-fed Katahdin lambs are being processed later in the week.  The ram lambs came in after enjoying a season on beautiful, lush pasture.  Because the breed, is a hair sheep, they have less lanolin and thus a milder flavor.  My favorite thing we make is a lamb sausage with fennel.  It pairs nicely with pasta and summer vegetables.  We will also be making 1/3 lb lamb burgers just like the fairs for your post fair enjoyment.  Give us a call at (765) 324-2161 or email at