New Federal Inspection Sale. All sausage on Sale!

We have been working to go under federal inspection so that we can both expand our services for our current customers as well as reach additional customers outside the state.  We now have a date but we need your help………………  We need you to fill your freezer with lots of no MSG, no preservative yet scrumptious sausage.  You see federal inspectors can not inspect state inspected meat and state inspectors can not be inside a federally inspected facility.  This means we have lots of sausage that needs to go to your freezer.

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Purchase 25 lbs of ground bulk sausage from pasture raised hogs fed certified organic grains this week and receive 20 % off.  That makes it just $4.80/lb.  You can choose from one of our many seasoning options………….

  • Plain ground pork, ok it is officially not seasoned but you can use it in so many ways (think chili, spaghetti, pork burgers, meat loaf, etc…..)  This we can even go lower on.  Just $4.32/lb
  • The Edge No MSGa mild salty sausage without the strong flavor of sage
  • Maple No MSGa very mild seasoning that lets the pork shine through with a taste of maple aroma without a strong taste of sugar
  • Witts No MSGthe butchers choice sausage, a strong traditional peppery sausage taste with paprika
  • Mild Italian No MSGthe classic Italian taste; a wonderful tasting seasoning, a little sweet with a strong flavor of fennel
  • Hot Italian No MSG-like the traditional Italian yet with a spicy, paprika, cayenne pepper kick
  • Leggs PSS No MSGa spicy American sausage with salt, pepper, red pepper and sage with a dab of sugar
  • Salt, Pepper, Sagemixed right here in house, this is an excellent sugar free option

30% Off    30% Off  30% Off    30% Off  30% Off    30% Off  30% Off    30% Off  30% Off    30% Off

Just in time for the grill season, our simple yet terrific bratwursts and Italian sausages are just $5.60/lb if 5 lbs or more are purchased.

  • The Edge Bratwursta mild salt, pepper and garlic bratwurst that is excellent on the grill.  They are stuffed in a natural casing with no added fillers or moisture binders.  This means you can have a great experience without that gut bomb feeling you get when eating traditional sausages.  Treat them gently by cooking lightly and you will greatly enjoy.
  • Mild Italiansame as above but seasoned with a classic Italian sausage with a strong flavor of fennel and linked at 5 inches long.
  • Hot Italiansame as above but featuring a bit of heat from a natural red pepper

To many options to choose from???  We can put together a sampler pack consisting of a 25 lb mixture of all of our sausages including our summer sausage and bratwurst for just $5/lb.  Now that is a great deal when you are talking about a sustainably raised pork outside on pasture with only certified organic grains being fed.  Order now at (765) 324-2161