Milk Share Information; Spring Changes.

If you are anything like me, you don’t like change even when it is good change.  When it is less than desirable than, ughhhhhh!!!!!!  That has been my feeling lately with milk taste.  It is normal for a taste change in early spring.  Us cow owners have come to expect a “grassy” flavor when the cows first go out on pasture.  It doesn’t last long and is usually just different.  Unfortunately this year, the flavor change has been extreme.  We have been out in the pasture looking for the kolporit.  I am thinking it is an unusually high number of spring onions.  We immediately started feeding hay again in hopes to even out the flavor change a bit.  There was some success but not total success.  While I love to see the cows on pasture, I am no happier than anyone else with the off flavor right now.  I have to remind myself of why I call for a natural system to raising cows.  You see, in the industry milk is pooled from a large herd source on a very consistent diet and then heat treated on top for a uniform taste but little nutrition.  A pasture based system with a small herd calls for variation.  Each cow’s milk tastes different and different feed stuff calls for different flavors.  Usually the flavor change is slight and doesn’t last long.  The good news is I can see the color change in the milk that is representative of the pasture being high in beta carotene and other essential nutrients.  Please try to be patient, along side me, and realize that we are working to minimize the stronger flavor as quickly as we can. 

While reporting, I thought I’d pass along that the vet was out last week for a general herd health check and pregnancy checks.  Everything looked good.  Vicki will be the first to calve in July with a date we will dry her off of May 13th.  Please mark your calendar.  The others will calve towards fall with some rebreeding needed.  We’ll keep you posted as the time arrives. 

The goats will start to freshen in May.  It won’t be long now. 

We do have a few cow shares available.  Please let me know if you are interested in truly owning your milk supply.