Merry Christmas!

You are an important part of our lives.  This Christmas I want to thank you for making a difference in the lives of our family, alliance farm families, and of our employees.  You allow us to do what we love best which is grow and provide good, clean food.  Many have asked how they can share what we do with family and friends.  We love to know that you think highly enough of us and our mission to come see us when you are looking for that perfect gift.  Whether it be through a steak package, a farmer’s special, or a gift certificate we can help provide those close to you with the best meat possible.  Call us at (765) 324-2161 for more last minute gift giving ideas.  Billy and Stacy would love to help you.  We hope the following mission is something you believe in.  Spread your beliefs with those closest to you with a gift from This Old Farm.

This Old Farm Alliance Mission

Our mission is to bring healthful, local food to Indiana by sustaining, nurturing, and prospering the family farm through cooperative distribution of local, environmentally conscience foods at a cost that both supports the farmer while representing the true cost and value for the customer.