Meet our team of master butchers

At This Old Farm we are celebrating National Butchers Week by recognizing the outstanding work of our three master butchers: Kerry Mullendore, Adam Oswalt, and Francisco Salinas.

Kerry is the head butcher and has been with us for five years. He knows every job in our facility. Kerry smokes, slices, cubes, and grinds and teaches others how to do so. He cuts and trims steaks and roasts, makes custom cuts according to your preference, finishes up with packaging and labels, and has even done distribution and delivery. Kerry’s favorite cut of meat is the ribeye, which he thinks is the best steak on the cow.

Adam has worked here for three years, but has been involved in the butchery trade for the past 16 years. Adam is our value added butcher with a degree in Anthropology and has combined this knowledge with butchery to look at the science of muscle anatomy in animals to find and use those often disregarded tender morsels that add value, like the capicola muscle, one of the best parts of the pork butt, which makes the best, most tender pulled pork.

Francisco is a master craftsman in his role as harvest floor butcher. Working at This Old Farm for almost ten years, he is a quiet leader with an impressive eye to detail. He knows how to safely and humanely work with the animals and knows all the processes on the harvest floor, always looking to teach and help out others to insure that the process goes smoothly. Everyone at This Old Farm has kind words to say about Francisco and through experience he shares new ideas about better ways of doing things.

We will learn more about these talented butchers and the rest of the staff at This Old Farm over the upcoming weeks.

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