Meet Lucas Roosa

Lucas Roosa, Farm to Fork Harvest Manager

Lucas has been with This Old Farm for two years and he loves talking about what he does. He came here looking to work in sales and marketing, but was offered a management position on the Harvest floor. He is very thankful for this because now he fully understands the process and can talk to others about what makes our meats stand out in superior quality and taste.

Currently, Lucas is redesigning the harvest floor to more efficiently handle the animals in a safe and humane way after the farmers bring them in for processing, thus improving productivity while upholding our high ethical standards. He is working to certify our facility through 1) AWA – Animal Welfare Approved 2) CH – Certified Humane and 3) GAP – Global Animal Partnership. As we continue to grow, Lucas wants to hire more good people to work with him on the Harvest floor. He is looking forward to training others and enjoys talking to people about how we process our local traditional, non GMO, 100% grass-fed and pasture raised beef, pork, lamb, and poultry at This Old Farm.

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