Meet Jeff Riggen…………

Our team is near complete once again.  After the fire, we tried our best to keep most of our employees.  We were fortunate to keep many and reassign their jobs to construction related jobs.  Yet it wasn’t possible to keep everyone working.  Jeff Riggen was one that had worked for us before the fire but went on to find other employment after the fire.  We are now glad he is back with us.  Jeff has filled a needed role, as his new found focus is on growing our wholesale customer base.  Whether you have a storefront or a restaurant he is the man to talk with.  He would be happy to get you a copy of his weekly produce availability or send out a wholesale meat list.  Jeff greatly enjoys talking with customers and farmers and bridging the gap between the two.  He is well suited to provide you with top notch customer service.

Jeff lives outside Linden with his lovely with Jackie.  Together they enjoy time with their 4 grown children and young grand children.  Horses are another favorite pass time.  I’m sure you will come to appreciate Jeff as part of the This Old Farm team as much as I do.  I hope you take the time to get to know him.

After the fire, he texted an uplifting scripture to me almost daily.  He brightens my day with the joy he brings to his position and I trust he will do the same for you.  Give him a call at (765) 324-2161 or drop him an email at