Livestock Farmers Shifting to Non-GMO Feed!

U.S. Livestock Farmers are getting smart and making the switch to non-gmo animal feed and being rewarded with improved animal health and reduced costs for making the switch.

Iowa farmer and crop and livestock advisor Howard Vlieger says:

“We are seeing more and more livestock operations recognize the benefit in animal health of switching to non-GMO feed. In swine the PRRS [porcine respiratory reproductive syndrome] and PED [porcine epidemic diarrhea] is mostly gone once they have completed one or two breeding cycles on the non-GMO feed. One operation that I advised to switch to non-GMO feed had a 85% reduction in injectable antibiotic use along with improved performance.” Poultry and cattle farmers are reaping similar benefits. THE SHIFT IS ON!

THIS LEADS US TO ASK: When GMOs are removed from the human food supply, will we also see improved health… reduced incidence of disease and infections and improved fertility? What do YOU think???


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