Let Me Introduce Our Staff!

Introduction of our Farm to Market Staff:

Many new faces have joined forces with some old, possibly unknown forces at This Old Farm to make your experience a great one!

Shannon – Director of Order Fulfillment, Shannon@thisoldfarminc.com, Shannon deals with the Wholesale Accounts and taking of special orders. If you have a questions about what is good for you…ask Shannon!

Kristy – Farmer Account Specialist, kristy@thisoldfarminc.com, Kristy is in charge of Scheduling your animals for processing, Farmer/Animal Check-In, Farmer Alliances and you will see her smiling face in our Retail Store, when you first walk in!

Josiah – Distribution/Load Out, Josiah@thisoldfarminc.com, Josiah is in charge of helping you get your order loaded in your vehicle and making sure our Wholesale Accounts get out on time! He is always willing to help you out!

Harley – Office Assistant, Harley@thisoldfarminc.com, Harley is in charge of Cutting instructions, invoicing and other misc. duties! We broke her in fast!

Summer – Distribution/Driver/Produce, summer@thisoldfarminc.com, Summer helps in getting our Wholesale Orders and Special Orders out, Drives our Delivery truck, Handles all the produce orders, and any other task we assign her! Such a help!

Kris – Finance Director/Office Manager, kris@thisoldfarminc.com, Kris handles all the Finance and HR duties as well as works with Jessica on all our Grants!

Josh, Farm to Fork Manager, joshua@thisoldfarminc.com, Josh will be in charge of overseeing all Alliance Outreach and distribution tasks, helping them bring their products to you! Josh will be starting on Monday the 8th!

Kendra, Processing Manager, Kendra@thisoldfarminc.com, Kendra is the manager of the all Processing Operations, anything you ever wanted to know about cuts of meats, Kendra is your girl!

Please do not hesitate to contact any of us to help make your experience a great one!

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