Lamb, Beef and Pork Packages!

We now have in stock and ready for pickup Little Lamb Samplers:
$153.35, $148.75. We have 4 packages at each price level.

Farmer’s Rations: (1/4 Beef)
$650.28, $650.28, $642.22, $642.22, $571.46, $872.90, $872.90, $870.89, $870.89, $616.04.

Pork It Out: (1/2 Pork)

Call in and we can give you the exact cuts and # of packages for each sampler. 765-324-2161.

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  1. Kelly Gordon

    I purchased a 1/2 pig from a farmer last year that was processed with you. The farmer currently has none this year available. Do you sell or know of someone who would sell us a whole pig? I really liked how it was processed with you all.


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