It is time to sign up for your CSA!

About now, I have seen all the root crops I care to see.  I love carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, etc but there is a time when we want something different even when we are dedicated to eating locally.  I am ready for those fresh greens that will be coming our way soon.  This Old Farm is proud to partner with Tranquil Ridge Farm to meet you families produce needs.  We have found that Nate and Emily, owners of Tranquil Ridge Farm, have done a fantastic job both growing nutrient dense veggies as well as setting up an easy CSA program with flexibility.  Following is an excerpt from their website…….



What CSA means to us:

CSA farms started popping up on the East coast in the mid 80’s. The goal is to provide a direct link from the farms that grow our food to the people who eat the food. When consumers make a commitment to a particular farm, they are supporting an entire farm, not just buying the food. In today’s world of large scale production, cheap food and government subsidy, it is hard to know how to support the food we believe in. Purchasing direct from a farm you can see, feel, and touch is the best food security that we can provide our families. When small farms have a direct, financial commitment from consumers who want their product, much of the marketing problems can be eliminated. We can now be free to concentrate on what we do best: grow wholesome, clean, nutritious food. When we have the capital available in the off season, we are able to purchase inputs such as seed, soil amendments, and equipment at discounted rates. Capital is available to hire in labor, fuel and packaging supplies.

In short, your commitment to our farm makes our farm possible.

How is our CSA different?

CSA ideas are as different as the farms who utilize them across the country. What works for one farm and region may or may not work for another. Our goal is to not only make clean, quality food available to our local area, but also to give our supporters the options to eat those foods that they really enjoy. When you purchase a membership with our farm, give yourself the choice of what products will make up your box each week. When you make your share purchase you automatically receive 15% extra to spend with us. With our system, you place an order each week online using our E-commerce page. We then pack your box according to your order; your balance remaining is automatically shown at the end of each order.

Our shares may be used for any products we produce on our farm, as well as products from neighboring farms who have products that we may not produce. If you are interested in a small sample of the vegetables we have available throughout the season the half share may be just right for you. Or try a full share, which will give you a bigger selection of veggies for your family all summer, then add a half share to it to make a nice selection of veggies and meat.

The way we design our program allows you to spend your money when and how you like. If you are gone on vacation or can’t make a pick-up, you simply do not place an order. Your money is still available to you through the end of the year’s season, October 31st. There is no limit or minimum requirement of how much you spend each week, however, shares do not rollover from year to year and the money is non-refundable.

For mid-week deliveries, the online store will open on Sunday morning and close Tuesday at 9am.  We will send a reminder to place your order for the week, but it will be up to you to do so. If your order has not been received by the designated time we will assume you are not picking up for that week.


Full share memberships are $525 for the season, which gives you $600.00 to spend with us. The half share membership is $325 for the season, which gives you $375 to spend with us.  The 15% discount applies to those who purchase shares before March 15th.  There will not be a discount after March 15th.


CAN’T I JUST BY YOUR PRODUCT AT MARKET? We do participate in Farmer’s Markets, and you can certainly purchase our products there, but joining a CSA is more than buying food.  It is supporting local, sustainable food production and family farms. Our products are available to CSA members first, and markets second.

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS ORGANIC? We are not currently certified organic, but we use only organic seeds, soil amendments and pest controls.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? It’s easy, just go to our website: and use the “CSA Memberships” link. You may pay via Paypal or send us a check upon completion of your order.

Mention you heard about their CSA through This Old Farm.  You are welcome to list our processing facility as a pick up location in the notes section. We welcome any questions you might have.  Call (765) 324-2161 for more information.