I think we can, I think we can, I think we can………..

I feel like the little steam engine at the crest of the hill.  It has been a large hill but we are almost there.  Just not as close to on schedule as I would like to avoid newly developing grey hairs.  Most would tell you that a processing facility can not be built in less than 6 months but then again I have always been told what I am trying to do is not possible.  I like to challenge the “impossible”.  This time I was surrounded by a great team.  Everyone bound together to make the impossible possible.  All the systems are being buttoned up.  Now is the giant task of clean up.  Just imagine a bathroom that has been used by a group of atleast 10 men and not cleaned for six months.  OK, it is not that gross but atleast it might help you understand how much clean up there is to be done across the job site.  All of you fantastic supporters that offered help right after the fire have an opportunity to jump in and get us over the crest of the hill.  We will be working from dawn to dusk everyday this week (Monday through Saturday) in preparation of our June 6th start date.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please call Jessica at (765) 918-2684 to get more information.