How to Contact Us.

We are excited about the growth we have seen in the interest for good food.  In just two years we have gone from trying to support just our family on our sustainable farm operation to providing 15 rural jobs, some full time and some part time.    We are working on putting together an excellent team of people with a passion for good food that can answer any question you ask.  Each of you are important to us.  Without you, we can’t justify our desire to “rejuvenate the land one farm at a time”.  While we work to put in place the support systems for both customers and farms we hope you continue to call and email us.  I love to talk to you about anything from how to cook natural foods to how to get the best price on good food to how to farm.  If you can’t get me, Jessica,  try the office phone and talk with Stacy.  She will answer any initial questions and forward any she can’t answer to me.  She is really a fantastic part of the team.  Stacy has been a vegetarian for many years.  It is her quest for good meat that drove her to seek a job in a meat processing business helping to expand local foods distribution.  If you have questions on wholesale accounts, ask for Billy.  He has come to us to help service our wholesale accounts as well as provide educational opportunities.  Billy has been passionate about good food for some time and recently made the decision to use his education skills from years in teaching to further sustainable agriculture.  If you are on the farm and need help, find Erick or Angela by ringing the bell on the front porch.  They are both there full time.  Angela has joined us full time to support Erick in maintaining the livestock and packing CSA boxes.  She really pays close attention to detail and will make sure everything is as happy as can be.  While we have a good team in place to answer your questions we may occasionally miss the connection as we grow.  Please try again.  The best way to get in contact is by calling the office phone.  We recently installed another line in an effort to make sure we don’t miss your call.  Next best is emailing Jessica but that sometimes takes a few days and I am afraid I will miss some as they pile up or go to spam filters.  No that I am trying to make sure they all get answered.  Your call/contact is important to us!  Please keep the questions and orders coming.

Office phone:  (765) 324-2161  

Jessica’s cell phone:  (765) 918-2684