A Holiday Wish from Jessica

Wow! A few weeks passed by so quickly and I failed to take the time to sit and wish our readers a Happy Holiday season.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We managed to have several staff members out over the last few weeks which added to our hectic schedule. The joke around the office is that one of our staff members truly did eat too much on Thanksgiving day. He presented himself to the doctor right after Thanksgiving in a good amount of pain. The doctor said overeating on Thanksgiving stretched his stomach lining and caused an ulcer to burst. I hope you are taking your vitamin C and eating only good holiday food to stay healthy!

This is the season that I see so many customers that bring warm memories. We took time on Friday during a staff meeting shouting out our favorite farmers, both customers and alliance members. Today when I checked in farmers I realized we did not even put a dent in the list of loyal, favorite customers. One customer checking in hogs talked for a few minutes about our families and their new baby. We last saw each others children as market vendor neighbors in West Lafayette. Couldn’t believe that had been 8 years already. While we talked about farmers on Friday, I got to work the office on Saturday and see many of our tried and true retail customers getting ready for the holidays. There is no larger joy than being able to provide meat and sweet potatoes for a holiday dinner table. Those customers that started our business will always have a special place in my heart. Yet each new customer brings hope for a prosperous new year. I hope all of our customers, both new and old, enjoy a blessed holiday season filled with joy and peace.

With great thanks,

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