Helping others by donating food

This Old Farm believes in making good food available to all, and during this Easter season we want to highlight the extraordinary work some are doing to show love and compassion to those who don’t normally have access to healthy, natural foods. We have been collaborating with several organizations, such as The Food to Market Challenge to provide boxed foods for low income folks in downtown Chicago, Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry to encourage hunters and farmers to donate deer meat and beef to food banks, The Caring Center and other food banks, and Fresh Stop in Indianapolis, whose goal is to make healthy food available to food-insecure neighbors by offering shares on a sliding scale based on income. Last year This Old Farm provided Fresh Stop with grass-fed beef for half of the season.

Fresh Stop is a program run out of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church at 34th & Central in Indianapolis. Twice a month between June and November they provide shares of fresh produce that folks have ordered ahead of time. Our cuts of beef were also available at 2 price points, depending on income, and were not included in the share, just something extra people could purchase at the Fresh Stop. 400 pounds of beef were sold, 200 of which were purchased at the lower price by people who purchase the $6 or $12 shares. Fresh Stop was excited to be able to provide more fully for people’s food needs and to give them the health benefits of grass fed beef.

Fresh Stop is looking for producers who might be willing donate a cull cow to their program. You would get a tax write off and join their mission to provide healthy food for those who are struggling to make ends meet and struggling to take good care of their own bodies. If anyone would like to partner with them in this way, please e-mail or call at 317-918-5566.

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