Have you Heard the Gobble?

It has been a hoot or is that a gobble?  I think I have my bird sounds confused.  For all those Lafayette customers, see if you can straighten me out by listening to WKOA (105.3) in Lafayette, IN.  We are giving away 5 of our pasture raised turkeys to the first caller who can identify the gobble of a “famous” Lafayette resident.

Of course when you mix the lingo of traditional retail food and us foodies together it doesn’t always come out right.  I heard the announcer describe our natural turkeys raised on the good green grass as pasteurized instead of pasture raised.  I have had that misconception from those looking at our eggs and thinking we heat treat them or pasteurize them instead of raise them on the pasture or green grass in the past.  It is a tongue twister but couldn’t represent a more opposite thought pattern.  We know our customers will sort out the truth.  In the mean time enjoy the hoot of the gobble of some famous Lafayette resident.  If you don’t win, we hope you come on out anyway to get your own pasture raised, natural turkey for this holiday.  There is still time.  Call (765) 324-2161.