Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  In reflecting on things to be thankful for, it has lately been impressed upon me how thankful I am to have great customers.  In buying the processing business, we have been told by those employees how hard their clientele is to please.  It is a different clientele than the one we are used to serving in the natural meats arena.  We know, when in the service business, their are great expectations.  We strive to always meet and exceed all.  Yet, we also know that as humans we make mistakes or for other reasons, outside our control, things are not perfect as is to be expected when dealing with natural systems.  I am so pleased to have customers that go above and beyond to support and understand these things!  We all have a bad day, but by far we see such kindness and love shown amongst you, the people we serve.  A great example of that will forever by burned in my memory.  At market on Wednesday, we ended up being very busy.  It was not a very nice day and noone wanted to stand around waiting for just me.  We had a potential customer who came to talk about his natural beef summer sausage recipe see a need and jump in to help by working to find the right turkey for everyone and help people stock up on good meat for the winter.  Thank you, David, and the rest of the customers who I know would do the same thing for us!  You are what give us the passion for making the best food we can.