Happy Labor Day!

On this Labor Day, give a special thanks to those farmers that labor to bring you good, healthful food.  Chances are, they are not taking the day off as the farm does not often allow time off during this season.  They are often a group of under appreciated laborers with a very important job.  Yet they work hard without expecting much.  There is a drive in some of us to grow.  Some of us have an imbedded desire to farm , no matter what the cost, no matter how hard the work is.  We work for a passion, we work for what is right.  These are the farmers that This Old Farm supports.  This Old Farm is working to create a local market to bring good, healthful food back to the landscape in Indiana.  As you look out across the field you may notice the fences have been taken up and the remaining livestock moved in doors into confinement.  It is this trend we strive to reverse.  In the end, it is all up to you.  Do you want to support local agriculture or a factory farm 1500 miles away? 

This Old Farm Alliance Mission

Our mission is to bring healthful, local food to Indiana by sustaining, nurturing, and prospering the family farm through cooperative distribution of local, environmentally conscience foods at a cost that both supports the farmer while representing the true cost and value for the customer. 

Think about what you are eating this Labor Day.  I hope it was purchased locally!  I hope it was purchased through us.  If not, how about your next meal?  Plan to make local foods part of your next meal.